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The Harvester Center, once known as "The Massey Industrial Complex (closed in 1956), was purchased by Joe Mancuso of Batavia in 1959.


The 850,000 square foot space was way too large for one single occupant so Joe and other business associates conceptualized a way to rent this massive space by splitting it into parcels. The plan was to renovate this building to create affordable mixed-use spaces for start up, emerging and already established businesses. This idea came to fruition and was named The Harvester Center (Business Incubator Center, BIC)  and is the world's very first "business incubator."

Today, The Harvester Center contains about 960,000 square feet of industrial and commercial property spread over 29 acres in the heart of Batavia, New York. Over 3,000 businesses have resided within the walls of this industrial complex with new tenants occupying spaces monthly. There are currently 75+ tenants and 70+ flexible spaces available for rent. 


The Harvester is Batavia's largest destination and attraction for locals and out of town visitors.


Featuring some of Batavia's best:

-Highest rated coffee shop by locals... Pub Coffee Hub

-Largest importer/exporter of worldly goods... One World Projects  

-Most unique one-stop-shop for collectibles and antiques... Vintage

-Largest family entertainment center... Game of Throws

-The one and only children's play center... House of Bounce

-One of a kind community center with fitness and skill building classes for all ages...The Brick

-One of the areas largest mixed media printing facility... Hodgin's Printing (John's Studio)

-The only indoor batting cages and simulator... Hitter's Hideaway

and so many more!

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